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February 5 2019

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - February 12 2019

MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program: 

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


President John Hertle called the meeting to order at 12:10, not sure he new it, but that was right on time.  Don Ahrens led us in one of our best opening songs ever !!!!   The fact that the opening cast of “Raisin in the Sun’, (all seven of them) were in the room and sang along with us, just might have helped !!  Jeremiah was called to lead the prayer, but he wisely then called upon one the cast members, Sherill to give the prayer, which see did very well. 

With that, the meeting got off to a good start. 

Pres. John asked for committee reports, and Craig jumped to his feet (well, he stood up anyway) and said that the Crab Feed  is still on.  The Crab Feed  will be March 16,  at the Vet Center, corner of Coffee Rd. and Sylvan   Due to the size of the room, there will only be 300/350  (He’s still measuring)  tickets printed, so if you’ve promised some customers tickets. You better get hold off Pres. John as he has them.  This has always been one of the clubs best events, so selling this number of tickets should be no problem. 

Pat Glattke, with the help of Carole Thoming, is handling the raffle and drawing items.  If you have access to any prizes, contact one of them…..This is also a major part of the fund raising that night. 

We were surprised with the attendance today of Past President Jerry Short.  I say Past President, but I’m not sure just how many terms of President he served, but several……………Welcome back, Jerry….hope to see you with us again…..

We also had past member Perry Bosshart as a guest today.   Good to see some of  the ‘old timers’ sneaking back in once in a while.  Hope to see you and others like you in the future…. 

It was good to see a room full of members today, I think all who there really enjoyed the meeting, and then topped it off with a really good program.  Those members who have been lacking in their attendance should make a better effort to show up.  You’ll not only enjoy yourselves, you’ll make the meeting even better for all of us…………… 

Joy Swick was our ‘secret greeter’ today….even Margaret Trammell (who was sitting right next to her, had to pay a fine for failing to shake her hand……….. 

Jan Jaeger, who has for years worked with the Key Clubs, announced that there will be a Charter Night on Feb 25th in Oakdale, at the Community Center for another new Key Club..  This is a really big deal, and we should make an effort to attend with as many of our members as possible.  It starts about 5:30 and is a lot of fun.  Just being around these young Key Clubbers gets you excited and proud of our future community leaders.  You’ll also get a chance to meet the new Key Club Lt. Gov.   Thank you Jan for all of your efforts.   

Craig paid a few ‘happy bucks’ for his recent travels….seems he was in Puerto Rico, Lake Tahoe, Cancun and several other places ( not in that particular order), the man just likes to travel. 

Speaking of travel…………………Terry McGrath and Pat Glattke just returned from two weeks in New Zealand.  Terry’s grand daughter had her wedding  there, so off we went………I never had thoughts of going to New Zealand, but when duty calls, off we went.   We traveled all over the north island (which is bigger than California) and it was gorgeous.  Kind of reminded me of Hawaii before it got commercialized and crowded.  We had great weather, saw ‘hot sand beaches, where you could dig your own hot tub in five minutes and it fills with really warm water   (just feet from the ocean).  Other places had hot mineral springs throwing geysers 50 ft. into the air….. If you really want to get bored, just ask Pat or I to show you our hundreds of pictures.  We did bring back a couple of T-shirts, which Craig bought and then donated to the next fund raiser.)

Pres. John Hertle even kicked (gently) in two bucks for his now having two good knees………. 

Today's program was the cast of “Raisin In The Sun”, which will be playing at the Gallo Center Feb 15, 16 & 17th.  If the show is anything like the performance they gave us today, get your tickets early.  They really put on a great production for us ….

Next weeks program will be Wendy Bird, talking about Black History Month.

See you next week.






Feb 5 2019

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