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November 13 2018

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - November 20 2018

MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Farm-City Week

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


President John Hertle called the meeting to order about 8 minutes ahead of schedule.   I think his plan is to catch as many ‘late comers’ as possible.  It seemed to work, as Bill Gordin, Hugh Brereton were both just a ‘tad’ late……………But at least they did get here.  Making the total of members in the room at 18….Where are the rest of our members?  We do have a good time (and really good programs), but it would be better if more of you showed up ………………….. 

Jeremiah announced that the annual Kettle Kickoff is set for this Thursday at 11:30 at the Plaza Center.  The Kiwanis have two tables set aside for us.  We work in conjunction with Rotary to see who can raise the most money, we ask each attending member to kick in at least $25 (plus whatever else their company wants to donate)   to see just how much we can raise…..Our club has always finished near the top each year.  Plus, it’s always a fun event to attend.  It’s not often you get to see money rain down from above……..  Call Jeremiah (or just show up ). 

Craig Haupt reported that the Crab Feed is still set for Feb 9th, but the location seems to be moving around a bit. Sounds like we’ll now be at the Modesto Youth Center 140 Calaveras St. 

There were several bags of groceries brought in today, plus about $280.00 more to buy even more groceries.  This is all headed up by Zack Knobel (son of Esther) for the Gospel Mission. 

Ron Freitas gave a sad buck for the fire victims in California (along with several other members).

Craig Haupt took a recent trip to Florida, and then home through Arizona (Which turned out to be a big mistake.  Seems he was overcharged for is room, accused of breaking the TV in his room, plus many other problems.  After hearing all of his woes, the rest of the club was just thankful that we didn’t have to go with him. 

Joyce Aakerlund gave a sad buck, seems her son, who lives in Chico, had to get out of town due to the fire.  Joyce took them up to her cabin in Tahoe to stay for awhile.  (their home didn’t burn, but the air was too unhealthy to breath)

Esther Knobel took her children north so they could see, and help, with the many problems that these fires cause

Bill Gordin has friends in Paradise, Ca. that lost everything !!!  (even worse, his Raiders lost again , but he claims he’s happy, because they also doubled their run production for the year,  while still losing.)  Now that is a fan… 

Farm City week is set for next Tuesday Nov. 20th.  This is always a nice event, so try and come and share with us……..we do miss some of you…… 


John Goulart, from the City of Modesto’s  Attorney office, was our speaker.  Introduced by Esther’s son Zack.  Seems John is also a past Key Club member………

He spoke about Modesto’s homeless problems.  It was very informative, but also very depressing.  Modesto has had about 1350 to 1700 homeless people (including some families).  This numbers has been about the same over the past 5 or 6 years.  Most of the programs designed to help, do some good, but not nearly enough.  The major problem is that most ‘homeless’ reject any offers for help and choose this life style rather than have “helpers” set any rules for them.  Where to sleep what time to get up, etc. etc. 

Modesto has had a variety of programs over the years, Blue Ribbon Commissions, Fed. Grants, various service organization,….nothing seems to work………

There is a combination of causes, everything from drugs and alcohol abuse to mental health issues.    This is true for all areas, but we need to keep working at it…….

Great program… 

See you this Thursday at the Kettle Kick-off and then again next Tuesday for the Farm/City program. 

Your faithful editor (who also needs more members to step up and write a bulletin or  two ).  It’s really quite easy, you just write what happens at the meeting (or even, what you would LIKE to happen, e-mail it over to Treasurer Paul, and he does the rest.  You can even add a joke or two if you run out of things to say….if fact, if I don’t get a little help, I may add jokes of my own.  To prevent this from happening, step up and help………………………….. 

Have a nice week…..








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