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December 11 2018

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - December 18 2018

MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Modesto Nuts

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


President John Hertle (I mention his whole name for the benefit of you members who haven’t been attending lately).  He’s doing a great job and you should come to a meeting and watch this man perform his miracles………Just getting this group to come to order on time is no easy task.  

He started out with Don Ahrens leading us in song, and Don is doing so well he is even trying to have us sing a different song each time, today with the able assistance of Esther Knobel.  You really need to pay attention, or you’ll find yourself being the only one at your table singing a different song……….. 

Nancy Church led the Pledge and Warren Kennedy followed up with prayer.  Both did a fine job. 

Joyce Aakerlund reminded us that the Holiday Party is at her home tomorrow night (Dec.12th ) 3025 Darius Lane (off Rumble east of Coffee Rd.  The party starts at 6:00 and goes ‘till whenever.  There is also a ‘gift exchange’ that involves each person coming to the party to bring a gift of under $20.  Numbers are passed out and you get to choose which gift is still under the tree, or take one someone else has already opened that you like better (this always wins new friends) 

Please come and join the fun as it is a nice way to get the Holiday spirit started…. 

Craig Haupt reported on the upcoming Crab Feed Feb. 9th.  The location is still up in the air, as Craig wants it to be just perfect….I’m sure it will be.  Maybe by the next meeting he will have the location and tickets available to for us sell.  This event has always been successful and we look forward to helping out….don’t we ?? 

John Field reported on another successful ‘Don’s Mobile Glass Shopping Tour… 20 kids were sponsored. We spent $100 per child, and they all got new clothes and a toy, dinner, and a visit from Santa (and another gift) plus they each got to pick out a new book to take home, thanks to Pat Glattke organizing all the books.  Another successful event that really got our new member Esther Knobel excited.  She and her two kids, took 4 children, clothed them, got them fed and announced that she had never seen such grateful kids for receiving NEW clothes, shoes, coats, etc.   Those of you that have never worked this project, should take note….this is a fun event and really helps some of the less fortunate children in our own community.  When you take them home at the end of their exciting trip,  you see just where they live, you begin to understand…… 

Bill Gordin paid a happy $5 as the Raiders won a game !!!  Those not that familiar with football, the Raiders are the team that starts in silver and black, but usually end up black and blue……………… 

Bill also remembered a trip to Cabo, and kicked in another $20…Craig was supposed to bring up Bill’s trip, but forgot…..so Bill paid a sad buck for Craig’s memory loss! 

Karen Peterson was a very late arrival, tried to sneak in and quietly  sit down, but our sharp President (see above) caught her and reminded her that she also had a recent birthday….that won her the honor of having the club sing its famous BIRTHDAY SONG, LED LOUDLY as only Craig Haupt can do,…. I think it was well done, but I had my ears covered………

Pat Glattke gladly kicked in $20 for her brand new Toyota RAV 4.  I even got to ride in it, but I think it will be awhile before I get to drive it…. 

Warren  Kennedy, for some reason, celebrated his birthday, which was Last July….he paid $20 and asked not to have any signing ….smart move, but then he ran into Karens song….oh well… 

Joyce put in $10 for a recent trip with the Travelers Travel club.  It was a mystery trip to San Jose…(now that’s a mystery why they chose that location)   

John Hertle gave a sad buck because his new Tesla (TESLA!!) was damaged by a young girl in the Gregori parking lot.

 John & Carol gave bucks for the Green Bay Packers win and John Thoming was celebrated by the Almond Board for his 23 years of service.  Way to go, John!   Craig paid a happy buck for a Christmas party at the Thomings. Mike gave a sad buck because the Kiwanis party conflicts with his granddaughters event. 

There were a lot more happy and sad bucks, but with my hearing, I missed most of them.  Sorry about that.  If you want your name to be mentioned in the bulletin, you need to speak REAL LOUD, bring me a note, or get an editor that hears better….please……

The program was introduced by Zack Knobel, who really out did himself with the introduction…Made me think I really knew the speaker……Turns out , it was our own Nan Jacobs, who spoke about the Jewish celebration  “Festival of Lights”. Hanukah   She had a Menorah with candles and explained the significance.   It was a well- timed program and even I learned some things about the Jewish holiday……Very well done…… 





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