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November 26 2019

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - December 3 2019  12:00 NOON

MEETING PLACE:  Papapoloni Bistro (La Famiglia Bistro) - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  

Ron Freitas led us in reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Don Ahrens complimented members by saying that the prior week singing of My Country tis of Thee “wasn’t bad”. We tried the patriotic song again with comparable results.

Club president Craig Haupt gave a thoughtful prayer well suited to this Thanksgiving week.

Craig welcomed Marian Martino who is a member of “MoRo”, the Modesto Rotary Club.

Also present was Bella Mendoza of the Vanguard High School Key Club. Vanguard is the new school on the site of what for many decades was Sportsmen of Stanislaus. Bella is the club secretary. She also has responsibilities with the Key Club district, commonly referred to as D46. She gave a brief, well presented talk and said the club is engaged in several fundraising activities.

Our Christmas party will be at the home of Carole and John Thoming on December 8th. It’s “out West” so carpooling is recommended. The address is 32291 South Bird Road near Tracy.

Our next fund raiser crab feed is scheduled for January 25th 2020. Get your tickets to be sold from Craig Haupt.


John Field gleefully donated because “the Niners kicked the Packers tail!”

Pat Glattke gave in anticipation of donations to the auction and raffle at the crab feed. Pat also told of her visit to relatives in Ohio where the temperature dropped to 26 degrees. Brrr.

Hugh Brereton assembled an undisclosed amount of loose change as he told a sad story of incompetence experienced by a man in Chicago.

Jerry Jackman tossed in several dollars in delight that his wife wandering wife is returning home after nearly a month with her mother and sisters on the East coast. He has been at the mercy of their craven cat. He is thrilled that the success of pro-democracy candidates in Hong Kong district elections may turn the corner to some resolution of the extraordinary protests that have continued for 5 months.

President Haupt donated a dollar in sympathy for Jerry’s cat.

Don Ahrens gave a thoughtful suggestion that members read an unusually thorough article in AARP Bulletin which most of us recently received in the mail. The title is “The secret to GOOD HEALTH and LONGER LIFE”. The focus is the chronic, sometimes acute condition of inflammation in our bodies.

Nan Jacobs apologized for arriving a bit late and having to leave early. She noted there will be a Key Club District Council Meeting at Davis High School.

Warren Kennedy visited his daughter in Alberta Canada. He donated $20 in thanks for his new granddaughter. He explained that the loss of a work partner has resulted in him having to work much longer hours and not being able to attend.

Bill Gordon happily gave 3 dollars “because that’s how many points the Raiders scored”. Painfully true, 34 to 3.

Terry McGrath asked about the annual Don’s Mobile Glass sponsored kids shopping spree next Wednesday. We were told that Steve Mort had attended our meeting a few weeks ago and indicated that they have enough help for the 20 needy kids. Terry will again be a driver.

The ticket number for the marble drawing was 103 and held by Anhviet “Charlie” Nguyen. His luck ran out when he picked one of the wrong colored marbles.

Our speaker today was Marian Martino. She told of experiences during her 10 years as a volunteer at Juvenile Hall. She serves as a mentor to individual kids and also teaches creative writing. Quite inspiring.

Nan Jacobs endorsed the role of the Juvenile system where she has served as a judge for 5 and ½ years.

We ended with the sale of a colorful auction item. It was described as a cozy from Saint Martins. Bill Gordon sprung for $12.

Jerry Jackman









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