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October 27 2020

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - November 3  11:30 - to the End

MEETING PLACE:  The Post 5801 Stoddard Rd Modesto  &  ZOOM MEETING ROOM

SPEAKER:   Roy Stevens of the Opera Modesto

Modesto Kiwanis  -   11:30 @ Post restaurant and ZOOM

 Call to Order 11:33 Pres Charlie

 The patriotic song was postponed due to having restaurant patrons nearby…

Pledge was led by Harold.

Invocation by Carole T.

 A card was being passed around for Craig & Dianne’s Anniversary.


Charlie attended the ZOOM DCM. One issue came up from International that each member that is meeting ‘in-person’ with their club needs to sign a Covid-19 waiver. It’s a CYA thing…

 John H & Craig, later Mark, met with Cecil Russell at the American Graffiti Museum on Woodland/Caldwell & 9th Street. It was agreed that we will hold out Crab Ciappino Feed Drive-Through at their location. Cecil asked that North Modesto Kiwanis be involved as well. Craig & Jeramiah will discuss with North Modesto. We can also hang banners announcing the event, Cecil will try to have a number of antique autos available to view. Craig will order tickets.

January 16, 2021 !!

 Happy Sad $s 

Harold’s Grandson is being recruited by Harvard, Princeton and Yale to play Baseball there (He’s the hockey player!)

Mark said something & paid a couple of $s, but I didn’t hear it.

John T $5. Drove to San Juan Capistrano in his Tahoe. Got 22.4 mpg on the way down & 21.1 mpg on the way back. They also hit traffic as Irvine was being evacuated due to the wild-fire.


$ John H had a ‘snide ‘ remark that John T’s MPG was 100mpg less than John H’s Tesla is rated!

Bill Gordin lost $150 at the Casino, The Raiders just LOST.

Carole T’s grandson, 21 & Jr at Cal Poly, works for Amazon and they have job waiting with them when he graduates. PLUS Packer & Rams won. 


Roy Stevens, Opera Modesto (Formerly Townsend Opera Players)

        Roy and his wife took over about 2 years ago after retiring from a 30 yr. Career as an international opera performer where he performed in more that 25 countries and 14 languages in his 30 years touring.

        Roy got his ‘start’ when at 11 years old he was ‘forced’ by his 4 sisters to audition for a play. He went on to perform in 14 musicals in Modesto, won a $50 Scholarship at graduation to be used towards voice lessons. 5 lessons turned is not-so-good voice into, eventually, Olympic Style Performer for the next 30 years.

        Covid-19 has changed the way people receive entertainment. Staying at home many people listen to music as live entertainment has shut down. Most venues cannot survive @ 25% capacity even ‘if’ people would show up. Most people really miss live performances of music, plays, sporting events, movies even parades.

        Groups like Modesto Opera, Gallo Theater, State Theater have to find other ways to perform their craft. Live ZOOM performances help a little.

        For the last 3 years Opera Modesto has operated ‘Summer Opera Institute for Teens’. In 8 days they had 394 trainings on ZOOM, then 2 days of green-screen filming for opera film all staged and merged together to look like they well there at the same time together.

        During their 30 years touring they home schooled their daughter. Now 24, she won numerous voice and stage award, however, she never wanted to be a performer. Instead she now a stage director and director of Operas. With Modesto Opera she is helping produce an Opera Movie, 6 stories of ASOP’s Fables for the online ‘big’ screen. Largely an undertaking by children with the help of Creator Labs and Director/Producer (Rick?) Swanson of Turlock (see The Irrigationist on U-tube, one of the most award winning Documentaries in recent times. A Documentary of TIDs 125 years). Swanson is also lending Opera Modesto their “RED” Cameras (Retailing at $79,500 each) and drones to help produce the Movie.

They hope to premier at the State Theater in January. See More at operamodesto.org * RStevens@operamodesto.org * 523-6426




John W Hertle, REM

Exit Realty Consultants

Exit Realty Touchstone

Touchstone Property Management

Modesto Kiwanis










Oct. 6 2020  - Oct. 13 2020  -  Oct. 27 2020