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January 8 2019

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - January 15th 2019

MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program: 

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Craig Haupt called the meeting to order right on time.  He knew better than to wait for late arriving Pres. John Hertle to eat his lunch.  He called on himself to lead the prayer, and I forgot who did the pledge, but it was well done.  Not sure I can say the same for the song.  Don Ahrens was asked to lead it, but as his daughter was with him, he decided that since this was the first meeting of the year, he wanted to try something different.  He asked us all to sing the Star Spangled Banner.  With this clubs reputation for singing, I’m surprised he attempted it…………..But, with his daughter tuning, we did get off to a fairly good start.  It only started to fade near the end, but what the hey, He tried something new…………… 

About then, John Hertle was ready to take over.   Jeremiah W. , Karen  P. and Bill G. snuck in late and our not so alert Pres. forgot to fine them  (I’m sure he will make it up next week ). 

Even our most dependable member, Jan J. got here a little late, but she noted that as this is the first meeting of the year, she now has ‘perfect attendance’  for the year.  Now there’s a pretty fast thinker……. 

Pres. John called on Craig H. to bring us all up date on the upcoming Crab Feed, but he’s still trying to nail down a date and location…….(If Jeremiah calls me tonight before this goes out, I may be able to be more exact………oh well……. 

Jan J. reminds us that next Thursday Jan. 17th, 5 p.m. at Downey High is a conclave to elect the new Lt.. Gov. of the Key Club.  Also,, there will be a Charter Night on Feb. 25 @ Oakdale High School for the new Oakdale Key Club.  This is a pretty big deal and our club should try and have a big turnout.  If you’ve never attended a Key Club function, this would be the one…………. 

Craig H. paid a sad buck, seems he went to his cabin in Arnold, and found no snow……for some reason, he then went to his ‘other’ home in Pismo Beach, and surprise, surprise,, there was no snow there either…But, since it was his birthday, he threw a big Bar-B-Q and fed all his friends.  Believe it or not, he then asked for the clubs infamous birthday song  that even led….It was done as badly as ever….

It was so bad, that Mark D. also had a birthday and asked the club to sing him the ‘good’ version.  Which was done quite nicely……….


I believe there is a District Council Meeting in Sonora this Sat. at 11:00a.m.  I might be going, so if you’re interested, give me a call. 

Margaret T. just recently returned from her trip to Portugal…….says she had a great time, but I don’t remember her bringing an auction item ????   (Pres. John, take note)

Bill Gordin paid a happy buck for a trip to Cabo, but again, I saw no auction item….  He also paid another happy buck as he claimed his Oakland Raiders did not lose last week end (he forgot to mention that they didn’t even play )

Terry M. paid a happy 5 $ for his upcoming trip to his granddaughters wedding in Auckland, New Zealand…… He also promised to bring back an auction item……….(in about 3 weeks). 

Today’s program was Angela Gardner. Who spoke about communicating skills, and how to improve them…  All I seem to remember is that she divided the room info 4 different groups (depending on how each communicates), but one of the groups was empty…….maybe the communication skills in that group was badly needed ???   But, it could just be that my hearing was badly needed /????... 

I’m sure, if you were at the meeting, you would understand….it was an ‘’interesting’ program…….


See you in a month   Terry






Jan. 8 2019

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