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June 25 2019


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program: 

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Despite seeing several old members for the first time in a long time attendance was only in the teens. Club President John Hertle called upon Joy Swick who led the pledge of allegiance. Jim Barton made up for being tardy by both leading the patriotic song and giving a succinct prayer.  

An update on plans for the July 4th parade was given by Margaret Trammell. She said “everything’s a go”. There will be a dinner for VIP’s and those that have and will be helping with the parade this Thursday at Gracada Park.  

A refreshed looking Jan Jaeger corrected the previous bulletin regarding the “Bowlathon”. It was hosted by Modesto High Key Club and had 52 participants despite the midnight hour. It earned $250 which goes to the neo-natal disease eradication effort. Jan said “Key Club will be going all summer long”.  

Dan Fitzgerald said this club “by default” is the sponsor of the Great American Festival upcoming in downtown Modesto. Any actual engagement with the event is unclear. (But would we have liability?) 

Terry McGrath drew applause for Jan Jaeger in presenting her with a 20 year membership pin. Well deserved. An exceptional Kiwanian! 

President elect Craig Haupt is about to fly to the Kiwanis International Convention in Orlando. He announced an all day Kiwanis leaders training to be held at Bethel Church on Scenic Drive next month. Craig also said he will be meeting with representatives of the Veterans Center to make agreements to use their facilities for the Shrimp feed on September 28th and the Crab/Cioppino feed next January 25th.  

It was good to see a slimmed down Jim Mesquit. He generally sleeps midday because he works nights as a security guard. 

Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor John Carlos wants to have two more District Council Meetings before the end of his term of office. John Hertle said he will offer his office for the first meeting which will be July 25th.  

There were lots of Kiwanians with Happy and Sad stories this week:

Pat Glattke said she and Terry attended the funeral of an old friend, Larry Rackley, owner of the Dented Chef. They also attended the burial ceremony at San Joaquin National Cemetery which was conducted wby military honor guard. Quite impressive. 

Craig Haupt waved “sore dollars” because he had to work hard to cutup fallen trees at his mountain cabin. Large logs and then he had to split them. His 86 year old dad helped but his son in law was preoccupied.  

Bill Gordin said they went to see Yosemite Falls “before they get turned off”. Sorry I missed the part about the twins. 

Looking well, Joyce Aakerlund said she had a bad fall at home. Neighbors and paramedics were involved in getting her evaluated and treated. She rebounded enough to return home without hospitalization.  

Ron Freitas is smarting because the two batteries in his Chevy truck are dead. It takes lots of cranking power to get a high compression diesel V8 started. These batteries cost big bucks. Thanks for the sad bucks Ron. 

Ron’s sad story reminded Craig Haupt that he blew a tire in his pickup on the way to his cabin. He had it towed to Angels Camp where a shop was happy to sell him a premium tire. The side trip and tire set him back $450!  

Jan Jaeger was happy to be back with us and that Key Clubbers earned more money by selling water and soft drinks at the Graffiti parade. The Hertle boy did a fine job promoting the sales along the parade route. 

Jan has been looking forward to becoming eligible to Medicare next year. She was surprised to be getting so many solicitations to purchase health insurance. It was a rude shock to learn that supplemental insurance is required to pay 20% of medical charges. 

Was it Jim Barton who got a message from Texas citing the relatively low price for gas in the Lone Star state. He complained that in California gas tax increase will give us the highest gas taxes in the country. 

Jerry Jackman and his wife, Sandy, were delighted to have his two grandsons from Massachusetts stay with them for a few days. They were also delighted to return to normal life when the boys were returned to their parents. Jerry couldn’t resist giving a promo for electric vehicles. “No gas, no oil, no filters” and no smog certifications because the cars don’t emit greenhouse gases. The fuel for his Chevy Bolt is provided by the 10 solar panels on the roof of his home. He is a true conservative! 

John Hertle said he has been tending to his mother’s needs. Or is it his mother in law? John also has an electric car, a Tesla with all wheel drive, which can zoom to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds! 

President elect Craig solicited member’s advice on how he should vote as our delegate at the Kiwanis convention. There are about ½ dozen proposals. We gave our two bits but generally said “you make the call”.


Scribe of the Day - Jerry Jackman





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