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April 9 2019


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Key Club Take Over - Valley Charter School

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


 President Hertle called the meeting to order and asked Paul Hearst to lead those present in the Pledge, Don Ahrens in the Song, and Craig Haupt in the Prayer.

 Craig Haupt reported that we tentatively earned somewhere between $4,600 and $6,000 from the Crab Cioppino fund-raiser. That sounds better than the early returns. It is looking pretty good.

 Don Ahrens is happy to be here, especially given that it is his birthday.  Your reporter missed some of the story, but apparently long ago Don fell on rebar and it did not pierce his body so he thought that was it. But recently he fell watering trees at his cabin near Arnold. He needed medical review for any injuries. When they did an X-ray, they saw a mass. They explored and found a “calcified blood mass” near the spleen in his stomach, apparently from the long-ago bruise by the rebar. I think Don said they left it in as it was not doing any harm. What a lucky guy, no real injuries when he fell on the rebar and also when he fell watering trees. He says he will tell us at the next birthday the story about being on a motorcycle heading toward a car coming right at him. Despite hearth-felt pleas, he would not tell us the story’s ending, but we assume he survived (he was here). The ladies at our meeting sang happy birthday, the nice, meaningful version.

 Nan Jacobs also had a birthday. She was born premature and was kept at the hospital in Indianapolis. Her husband, Steve, jokes that had she had been full-term, she would have been a doctor rather than an attorney. Happy Birthday! She had a Club version of the song, at her request.

 Terry McGrath, Perry Bosshart, Pat Glattke, and Joyce Aakerlund, will be going to Oakdale this Thursday evening to the DCM. Hope your trip goes well. Call Terry for details or a ride.

 Paul Hearst and wife, Cathy, are celebrating their 47th Anniversary. Not often are father and daughter, Elizabeth, both are members of the same club. Many happy returns!

 Jim Barton was late but President Hertle spotted him sneaking in (so was Hugh but he ‘blackmailed his way out of a fine…to be continued) 

Mike Kumler had an angiogram with stent performed in the area of his heart. It went well (good), but the recovery following requires one to lay still on your back on a flat, hard surface for six and on-half hours. The latter part was difficult and he does not recommend it. Glad all went well! 

Nan Jacobs attended a Modesto Institute of Continued Learning (MICL) session at MJC this Monday morning to watch Hugh Brereton’s travel program to the Loire valley in France, seeing the pretty towns, pretty chateaux, and river, complete with historical notes on the chateaux see. Hugh said it was one of he and his wife’s favorite trips, taken about 8 years ago. Thanks, Nan, for the kind reviews. She and her husband did that trip a while ago, also enjoying it. 

Some have it lucky: Craig’s income tax return came with a nice refund which he and his wife will use toward their daughter’s wedding. Hope the wedding goes well and all enjoy it, especially the happy couple and groom! 

Mark Davis actually took a cell phone call during the meeting while the President was talking. President Hertle dealt with that impertinence appropriately. 

Harold Peterson, if I understood the story, has a grandson who excelled at hockey, but had a knee injury, so he is now playing baseball, also with good skills. 

Craig Haupt asked President John Hertle to put on the agenda for the next Club Board meeting that the upcoming year’s officers be listed, especially President-Elect and Secretary, and be confirmed. That meeting will be April 30th after the normal general Club meeting at lunch. 

May we all have Don Ahrens “luck” as we go about our lives. 


Hugh Brereton









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