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October 15 2019

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - October 22 2019   12:00 NOON

MEETING PLACE:  Papapoloni Bistro (La Famiglia Bistro) - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:   To Be Announced

Call to Order 12:08 by Prez Craig Haupt

Don A via Jeremiah led us in God bless America

Perry Bosshart led the Pledge

Al Menshew gave us an invocation 

The Marble Game began as Craig sold tickets. $1/ticket for a chance to pick the Black Marble and win $20. If no one won it increases $5/week until the Black Marble is picked!

Harrold P held the fine pot (he looks too comfortable. I think he was salivating!)

Mark had a couple of disparaging remarks…I didn’t catch them but there were a couple of oooo’s and awe’s.

4th of July Committee

Jeremiah talked about the $9700 is sponsorships to help the bottom line of the event. He chatted/recommended we expand the sponsorships as we are a 501C3. Levels $500, $1500, $2500 & $5000 were discussed. Ex. Flag sales sponsored by “Wyle Coyote Co”

Discussion tabled to be discussed by committee and Board. 

Shrimp Feed;

 All monies are in. Final tally soon.

DCM  10/24 5:30  Winton Ireland & Strom

7 E Canal St Ste. 4022 Turlock

$5 charge for FOOD 

Club Secretary workshop coming soon (John, Perry do you hear?)

Disabled Veterans Dinner 11/21 at Veterans Ctr.

$500 Table sponsorship. So far 9 wanting to attend.

John T…complaining he couldn’t hear because of the noise on both sides of him.


 Salvation Army Kettle Kick-Off

11/21 Centre Plaza 11:00-2:00(?)

We usually raise several $1,000 towards the cause in partnership with Rotary & North Modesto Kiwanis, 2 tables sometimes more. 


John T ($11) & Carol Ann Thoming celebrated on a cruise for their 11th anniversary and Carol’s Birthday. They also noted a passenger had a stroke and was airlifted for treatment. John Says he gets to go to dinner for Carols birthday at the Veterans Center (see above)

Carol; $4 for 2 month anniversary of her hip replacement. She rented an electric scooter to get around the ship 7 ‘ran’ into lots of people including 6 “portages” from Tracy. They also re-did their wedding vows while on ship.

 Craig asked for applause for our guest speakers!

  Late fines & no pins were levied.

 (can’t read my writing for the next segment, something about a ‘Bill’)

 Al Menshew reported he had teeth implants at 10:00 and his teeth are still there!

 John H had good news & bad news. His CPA said he had a good year BUT… now the IRS is having one too.

 Harold had a great health check-up so we are stuck with him for a while longer.

John T Had a good one too.

I think Mark had a cancer-free check, might have been last week.


 Joyce announced  the Celtic Fest at the Turlock Fairgrounds on Saturday.

 Bill G had $5 for the Raiders not losing (NFL bye week)

 John T announced a Tribute to Jonny Cash By James Garner Nov 16, 7:30pm at Turlock Community Ctr. Tickets $35 & $45

 Carol T $5 for the Packers win (with lots of help from officials) talked at length why she was a Packers fan (yada yada yada said the 5-0 49er fan J ) 


        Jeremiah won but he picked the silver marble. Next week $25 up for grabs.

 Carol T was the secret greeter and was missed by Don, Bill, Jeremiah & Jim B(?)


Auction Item;

        French Chocolates; Joyce paid $12, will help from a friend.



 John & Carol will bring a raffle item from their cruse to Mexico (used electric scooter?)


Scribe of the Day    John W Hertle, REM

Exit Realty Consultants

Exit Realty Touchstone

Touchstone Property Management







Oct. 1 2019  -  Oct. 8 2019 - Oct. 15 2019