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February 18 2020

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - February 25 2019  12:00 NOON

MEETING PLACE:  Papapoloni Bistro (La Famiglia Bistro) - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:    Granddaughter of the first African-American settlers to Modesto. Sterling Fountain


CTO Craig Haupt  

Patriotic song Don Aherns
Pledge Perry B
Invocation Jeremiah Williams

Jeremiah's best friendís brother.

Secret Greeter. Paul H.  - Karen & Bill missed him.

 Charlie was here early, but he left early too.


John Hertle reported on "Adopt a Poll" program where we would man/person a voting poll in the General Election.

John Field. 4th of July meeting will be at his house Monday 2/24 @ 6:00pm


Perry! He went to dinner with his wife on the 15th. $20 donation.
Club rendition! He asked if the $20 to go towards his anniversary next week. (no...)

Warren, son in law bought 66 ac in the country. Not bad for a devout city boy. Bought a new car, Dodge Charger with loud pipes!

Harrold P, State Fair Board meeting in Sacramento. Asked for some feedback to take to the meeting. Jeremiah. Tell them to have fire marshal back off the local and are charging them to show up.

John H reported that he is getting bills from Fire Marshal for inspection that they never came by to inspect!

Ron F. Went to His place in Tahoe... Pray for rain & snow.

Jerry Jackman went to china 3-4 weeks ago. Haven't heard from him. Is he ok?  Jwh. Email him.

Short discussion on conronavirus status, had washing, precautions etc. 

Craig H, weekend in Nevada looking at property in Carson City, Cocktail waitress conned him into playing at a casino (there's a story there), won $26 and quit. Dianne didn't! Won $74. They did find a couple places worth considering.

 Marble game.

  Warren had the lucky ticket, but drew the wrong marble!

Next week $35

 Jeremiah introduced Sterling Fountain to talk about more black history



Jeremiah met her in 1980, hung around with her sons. Introducing Ruby Wilson Kennedy. (84 yrs. young)   In 1961 he husband was stationed at Castle AFB. Unable to fine housing in Atwater. Came to Modesto & never left.    Husband commuted to Castle with another stationed at Castle.  Her husband suggested she go back to school while husband transferred to Vietnam Enrolled at MJC as a nurse, started at Memorial Hospital in Ceres. Originally from Prom Pine Bluff Arkansas. Picked cotton for several years, then prep cook, brother was a bartender at same restaurant. Talked about abuses at restaurant, then tuition paid by their former boss. Their family moved to CA, she married a military man in Victorville. Traveled a lot with military then settled in Modesto. At Memorial Hospital as a coming & going nurse (worked in delivery and in intensive care and hospice care :-).  So...she saw them coming and going! Ruby told several stories of her encounters.

Ruby retired after 31 years at Memorial.  

Memorial Hospital sent limo to pick her up and numerous former patients came to her retirement party. 

 Ron F. Thinks Ruby helped deliver his daughter in 1978.

 Next week?  Sterling Fountain, King Kennedy Center


 John W Hertle


EXIT Realty Touchstone

(209) 595-3944





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