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June 19 2018


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program: Stephanie Abilay - Crime Stoppers

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Pres. Jeremiah called the meeting to order right on time. Well Done!

He called on Paul Hearst. (as he was closest to the flag)  to handle the Pledge, then Don Ahrens for the song, and that went off well,  He then called on our old (and I do mean old) friend AL Menshew for the prayer. 

He then asked for committee reports, and as Pat Glattke was not present (she was off golfing somewhere), her assistant Terry stepped up to tell a few more details about the Brunch.   Financial figures are not all in, as we’re still waiting for a few more members to send in their checks and/or tickets.  The Brunch, on the whole, went very well, and Pat has already thanked the members and guests that ‘went above and beyond’ in their help.  Today I gave a gift to Craig Haupt that he was to pass on to his dad, for his help.  I also brought a cutting board that someone left behind, and happily Dan Fitz. claimed it as belonging to his wife.   Except for waiting for the few ‘slow paying’ members to send in their checks/tickets, we’ve about got it all wrapped up.  Pat has a book telling all, to give to next year’s chairman……………… 

Jeremiah called for a “special Board Meeting” , and since we did have 7 members with us, we voted on the acceptance of Charlie Nguyen as our newest member…………..He told the club a little about himself and his family, and I think he will be a welcome addition to our club.  He will be presented with a New Member Badge and Apron next week.    Be sure and look for him and sign his apron and say “Welcome”… 

John Thoming (the great Brunch ticket seller) announced that the date has been set for Thursday August 2 for the annual trek to the Wool Growers Inn in Los Banos.  The cost is $30.00 and you need to sign up two weeks in advance.  If you’ve never gone, it’s a real treat…………. 

Terry announced that he and Joyce Aakerlund traveled to Santa Nella last Thursday to the DCM (District Council Meeting) for you newer members.  There will also be a DCM meeting in Merced this coming Sat. to elect a new “Trustee” for our District (that’s the officer that is a go-between with our Lt Gov. and the Governor.  There is also our annual training session for ALL incoming Presidents and Secretaries.  If you fit into that category, you should attempt to be there.  For information, contact Jeremiah, whom I’m sure is going …. 

Al Menshew started it off with a Happy Five….he went to Irvine, Ca to see his son David, receive another Doctorate , (he now has 3 !!)  Al claims he takes after his mother) but I’m sure Al had a little to do with raising such a fine young man…..

Margaret paid. a happy buck, but I couldn’t hear what it was about (something to do with dancing on, or under, a table somewhere…………..)

John Hertle paid a happy, or sad ? buck as he will not be at next weeks meeting………

Don Ahrens gave a happy buck for the trip he took with his daughter to Yosemite (via train and bus).  She lost her purse somewhere on the trip (with $35 cash)…..After they got home, he got a call regarding a ‘package’ at the train station, and he went and picked up her purse (minus the $35).  Feeling fatherly, he put another $35 in and gave it to his daughter………..She looked in and said, “you put your own money in, didn’t you”…He tried to deny it, but she said the bills in her purse when she lost it were not the same denominations as these……….. wow, you just can’t get ahead of kids these days………….

Craig Haupt paid a sad buck, as his family went in several different directions over Fathers Day, and left him all alone…..so sad…..

Joyce Aakerlund gave a happy buck , and then went over and gave Craig a hug (he now feels better ).

Jeremiah gave a happy buck, seems his whole family gathered at the cemetery to ‘visit’ with their father and grandfather………………..

John Hertle gave a happy buck, something to do with Cowboy Coffee ??  (turns out to be “instant coffee”),…..  Wow, does that mean I’m a Cowboy  ??? 

Our program today was Taylor Gamino, the name sake of Camp Taylor, Inc.  This is a group that specializes in helping kids born with heart problems.  They have just taken over the old Honor Farm out near Grayson and are in the process of fixing it up to better suit them.  North Modesto Kiwanis recently went out there and took down all the Barbwire fencing that surrounded the place.  They are holding a fund raising auction Oct. 22nd.  (more info on that later)….a very interesting program that I’m sure could use our help in the future. 

The meeting ended with Terry winning the attendance drawing…..such a deserving fellow……….. 

See you all next week.


P.S.  If you too would like to say good things about yourself, you may apply to be one of our ‘scribes’…It’s really quite easy, all you have do is write ‘somewhat’ about what happened at the meeting and then e-mail it to Paul Hearst…………..try it, you might enjoy it……….