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September 22 2020

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - September 29 2020  11:00 - to the End

MEETING PLACE:  The Post 5801 Stoddard Rd Modesto  &  ZOOM MEETING ROOM

SPEAKER:   In Coming Pres. Charlie's Installation

Modesto Kiwanis Club meeting of September 22, 2020 

A small but feisty group of Kiwanians collected in the covered open air at The Post restaurant near Salida on the location of the long gone Shell Development Laboratory. Don Ahrens led the patriotic song, Bill Gordon kicked off the pledge, and via Zoom from Pismo Beach club president Craig Haupt gave an invocation. 

Your scribe arrived a bit late, recalling the days when club meetings began after 12 noon. He was informed that the club had just donated another $80 to the ongoing Kiwanis International iodine deficiency relief program. 

Nan Jacobs said Hi to all and monitored our meeting via Zoom.  

Reminder: Installation of our new president begins at 11AM next Tuesday. The meeting will be on the backside of the restaurant.

 Al Menshew is hospitalized  due to complications of Parkinson’s Disease. His wicked wit is missed. 


 Paul Hearst is about to turn 71. He gave us a $20 if we promised not to sing.

 Terry McGrath agreed that silence is golden and tossed in another $20. His new age has Paul beat by about a decade. In honor of Terry his spouse, Pat Glattke made fine cookies which she had no difficulty selling to the already well fed Kiwanians.  


 Pat contributed several dollars as tribute to recently deceased Supreme Court Justice “ the notorious RBG” Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She’s also proud that her golf team was second in a recent golf tournament.  

Professor Don Ahrens contributed $10 because he had a lot to say and he said it well. Today is the first day of Fall season but we shouldn’t expect sudden change because it means that on this day the length of the day and night are equal all over the earth. With each passing day the night becomes a bit longer until the shortest day which marks the beginning of winter. It’s a gradual transition.

Bill Gordin tossed in “5 and 5” one note for each win by the Raiders, now of Las Vegas.  

Charlie shocked us momentarily by announcing that he would “be out of town next Tuesday.” He was only kidding and contributed 5$ as apology for scaring us. He’s about to become our new president! 

John Hertle seems to have gotten away with paying just $20 for having purchased a new Tesla! He explained this new model has a nearly 400 mile range and cost considerably less than his 2017 Tesla. 

Coincidentally today was Tesla “battery day” when Tesla execs presented the many advances in electric auto technology. John is certainly riding the wave of advancing technology. 

Pat Glattke complained that she had “paid $20 to the club for a Honda” but she happily contributed $10 for a ride in John’s new Model S. 

AUCTION ITEM: John displayed a genuine Pebble Beach Golf Links flag. Pat couldn’t resist and gave us $10 for it.


Jerry Jackman, scribe






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