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October 16 2018


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program: 

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Prez John (limpalong) Hertle called the meeting to order right on time.  What a treat ! He called on Ron Freitas for the Pledge, Don Ahrens the Song and Esther Knobel the Prayer.  (The song was so well done that it was decided to let Mr. Ahrens be our permanent songster (?) leader ?? 

Prez Hertle started off with sad news regarding Roger Sinclair, and that his funeral is set for Wednesday the 17th at the Oakdale Memorial Chapel in Oakdale at 10:00 a.m. 

He also announced that there will be a Board Meeting on Tuesday the 30th (following the regular meeting).  Our Board members are all the officers, plus John Thoming, Carole Thoming, Esther Knobel, Dan Fitzgerald, Joyce Aakerlund, Harold Petersen and Hugh Brereton. 

Craig Haupt is still in search of a hall to hold our Crab Feed (set tentatively for Feb. 9th).

Terry McGrath reported on our club’s attendance last Friday at the October Fest at John Thurman Field.  Joyce, Jerry and Terry worked the first shift.  There were only about 25 booths giving out free beer, so we barely had enough to get us through the evening. 

Nov 8th Gallo Center is hosting the National Philanthropy Day luncheon.  If you’re interested in going contact Prez John.  The cost is $45. 

Pat Glattke announced that the Friends of the Modesto Library will be holding a book sale in her garage on Sat, Oct 20  8:00 am to 11 am   Books will be on sale at $5 per bag, so come out and buy a bag  (corner of Norwegian and Sunrise Ave.)  The whole complex is having sales, so you may find all kinds of bargains. 

Jim Barton announced that our former member Rod Mortensen’s wife Barbara has died, funeral arrangements will be announced.  Rod was very instrumental in our Sea Scout troop for many years. Jim also noted that he & his wife have been supporting the Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle, then paid a sad buck as he had to leave before the program. 

Carole Thoming paid a happy buck for her and John’s cruise adventures, and I think it even involved an anniversary ??   They also hosted their children and spouses! She got all that for a happy buck ????   Our new President must not have been paying attention………………maybe John and Carole will be paying more next week ?) 

Joyce gave a sad buck in memory of her late husband Finn, who’s birthday was last week. 

Don Ahrens gave a buck…….happy or sad?  Regarding his kitchen remodel project and a big white dog (I think you had to have been there) 

Margaret Trammell has been replaced as program director after so, so many years.  Thank you Margaret for all your efforts.  She is being replaced by one of our newest members, Esther Knobel.  If you have any ideas of who or what you would like to see for a program, contact Esther 602-5152…….. 

Our program today was the Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle, introduced by nine year old Faith, daughter of new member Esther. (Good job, Faith!) The shower shuttle is run under the banner of the Church in the Park Program. It was very informative and Kelly spoke of the many homeless people they are helping. They also provide clean socks and underwear for each “guest”.   Pat Glattke stood up after and stated she was donating $20 for the ‘shower program’ and went around the room and collected a total of $200……………….Way to go, members…………. 

Pres. John has also reinstated the ‘secret greeter’ program, so make sure you shake hands with everyone in the room at each meeting……..Today’s greeter was Mark Davis.  Several members also had to “pony up” $1 for not wearing their Kiwanis pin.  Our new Prez is going to fill the fine pot!  Way to go, John.






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