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March 13 2018


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - Mchenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Jim Christiansen  -   Artist

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Big John Hertle filled in for delayed President Jeremiah Williams to kickoff the meeting. Don Ahrens led the pledge. Jerry Jackman led off “God Bless America” and a surprised Jennifer Mullins gave a thoughtful prayer.

Our club is hosting the District Council Meeting (DCM) Thursday March 15th at “Jeremiahs church” located at 725 I Street, the corner of 7th and I streets. The time frame is from 6PM to 7:30.

Our only fund raiser of the year will be June 3rd at the new Veterans Center behind Marie Callendar’s. Tickets will be available next week.

The annual Carrollton Realty film showing of “My Fair Lady” will be at the State Theater Saturday March 24th at 2PM. Free tickets are available at our meeting. Join in the fun!

Terry McGrath asked Paul Hearst and his daughter, Liz Hearst, to come forward. He presented Liz with a Kiwanis apron and explained that over 3 club meetings she is to wear the apron and all members are to introduce themselves and sign the apron. Those who fail to do so will be disciplined and/or fined!

Happy and Sad bucks:

Pat Glattke gave $3 as thanks for Liz, who is a Key Club faculty adviser, and two of her club members for joining us today.

Don Ahrens gave $2 in thanks that Paul Carroll is back with us and also that we are getting some needed rainfall.

James Barton tossed in $10 because he had a birthday and his daughter came out from Austin Texas to celebrate with him. Jim also revealed that he knows more about basketballs “March Madness” than anyone in the club. There are 5 west coast teams in the NCAA finals!

Hugh Brereton gave a dollar because someone ( sorry I couldn’t hear) had twins. They are tiny but Hugh noted that “over 12 inches is a keeper according to Fish and Game”!

Our speaker, Jennifer Mullins, who is a North Modesto Kiwanian, gave a dollar in happiness for “being here” today.

Paul Hearst gave a buck in appreciation that his daughter is our newest member.

Jim Mesquit gave $3, one for Paul Carroll’s return, and I forgot the rest.

Terry McGrath gave $2. He’s also happy to see Paul’s return and happy to have Key Club members visiting us.

The Key Club representatives introduced themselves: John Sargis is club president and Gabriel Parra is the incoming president. They are from Valley Charter School which is at 108 Campus Way. The school is very near MJC which is convenient as the school encourages students to take college classes while the progress through high school. Students of the school wear a colored lanyard which reveals the level of recognition they have achieved. Before graduation each student must give a 45 minute presentation before a panel. Valley Charter needs additional members for the panel set for Thursday April 26th. A fine opportunity for community service.

Don Ahrens had passed out raffle tickets to every member. A ticket was drawn. Jeremiah asked all whose name began with J to stand. Several did. He said the second letter was E, two remained. The third letter was R. Hey, I was the Raffle Riot winner! Thanks for the prizes: A big tin of select nuts and a bowtied package of Strawberry chocolates from Stewart and Jaspers. Yummy!

Our speaker today was the warm, wonderful Jennifer Mullins. For many years she has been head of Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau. She filled us with information about attractions of our city. Amazing engaging presentation.

See you at the DCM tomorrow.

Jerry Jackman, scribe