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August 14 2018


MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Stephanie Abilay  -   Crime Stoppers 

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Our President entered the building about two minutes before the meeting was to begin, so we happily had him preside, “start to finish”. 

Zach, the son of our new member, Esther Knobel, led us in the Pledge and did a great job. Keeping things in the family, his sister, Faith, led us in song and prayer with some help from Jeremiah who is known for helping even members in leading the song. The prayer was so well done (it is rumored that she does it in church too) that it got applause, unheard of normally.  Good job by all. 

Joyce Aakerlund is circulating a sign-up sheet for “Picnic at the Pops” with the Modesto Symphony Orchestra, for those wishing to attend to sit together. Please sign-up and, better yet, let Joyce know by a phone call. It is Sept. 8th at about 8:00 p.m.  It is a fun event and Joyce has been arranging picnic attendance by Club members for a number of years. It will feature the music of “Queen” (“We Are the Champions”, etc.) She also let us know that there is a new treatment at Stanford Medical School that hopes to be good for Alzheimers patients. That is good news to many.  

Terry McGrath let us know that the event to honor one of our own, Dick Hagerty went well Monday evening, with 80-100 present. He has served on the National and International Salvation Army Boards and of course, on many committees and offices with our Club. He also goes overseas to help the Salvation Army. He did, according to Terry, mention the Modesto Kiwanis Club. Very good member of the Community at large, as well as our Club. 

Charley Nguyen, our recent member, went to the County to see if it would sponsor backpacks for deserving but financially challenged kids in our county. They agreed to buy from Charlie, (at discount!), 225 backbacks. Worked out for all. He and his son’s (Hein Ho) backpack business was also the subject of an article in Autism Magazine 

Margaret Trammell announced that there will be a Stanislaus County Education Foundation fundraiser on October 11, 2018, at the Larsa Banquet Hall, 2107 East More Vista Avenue, in Denair. It is $150.00 per person. It will honor Martin Petersen and Melanie Wyatt. There will be a dinner and wine auction. Contact Margaret if you have further questions. 

Margaret Trammell and Karen Peterson were the first at a wine tasting at Stewart and Jasper in McHenry Village, for a fundraiser for autism. Spent three hours and received dessert too. 

Jeremiah Williams reported that Jerry Jackman’s home had a fancy Cadillac convertible parked in front. Jerry said it was his brother’s. (Surrrre

We cannot sign Happy Birthday to Margaret Trammell any more as she “is not honoring her birthday anymore”.  Many have called for the Club member’s birthdays to be given in a list to the President. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

Joyce left her keys at her cabin in Tahoe and did not realize it until she reached Modesto, traveling with Karen Peterson.  It ended OK though as neighbors helped her out. 

Joyce Aakerlund and Esther Knobel and her two children were near Redding recently handing out items to help the people there suffering from the forest fire.

Well done! 

Sherm Peterson has passed on. He was a long time member of the Greater Modesto Club and five of those members were at his funeral Saturday, along with members of the North Modesto Club, which was really nice too.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Craig Haupt’s son and girlfriend were at the recent Giants/Dodgers game in LA, and he called Craig to celebrate from there. 

John Field has celebrated he and Christine’s 40th Anniversary. He says he’s been married “to the same woman” all along which makes this editor less nervous as my wife’s name is also “Christine”. Congratulations! 

Don Ahrens 14 year old daughter Ashlyn was in a talent show and a lady came up to him during the performance and said that “this was her card, Ashlyn sings very well, and they could contact her about an audition.” Ashlyn also performs in two bands. 

Nan and Steven Jacobs went to San Francisco and saw Les Miserables. She is still a big fan of that show 

Paul Hearst’s two wine glasses were auctioned by Don Ahrens to Craig Haupt (with some alleged help by John Hertle) for $18.00 

Incoming Club President John Hertle will be installed September 26th at John and Mary Ellen’s very nice home, designed and built some years ago by a contractor for his own use.  Very interesting with lots of clever details. Sign-up soon 

The Speaker was Monica Vergara who does marketing for La Perla Tapitia which is a restaurant and supermarket for Hispanic foods. It has a very large store/cafe at 2031 Crows Landing Road; store’s phone is 531-9210. The family who owns it and four other stores began with a store in Patterson; John Field used to go there on the way home from biking in the Del Puerta Canyon in the hills across I-5 from Patterson. She brought pastries from the store which she shared with the members (Good!). She urged us to go there, enjoy the fresh vegetables and fruits, the pastries, and the scrumptious food.


Editor: Hugh Brereton