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September 11 2018

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - September 18 2018

MEETING PLACE:  Famiglia Bistro - McHenry Ave Modesto CA

Next Weeks Program:  Not Yet Known

Greeter : Shhhhh - It's a Secret


Prez Jeremiah called the meeting to order just about on time.  He has been getting here earlier each Tuesday, (maybe he’s running for Pres. again ??? 

We started off with a great Flag salute, led by one of our elder members (Terry), the song by none other than Jeremiah, and the prayer by our newest member Esther Nobel.

There was then a ‘Moment of Silence’ in memory of the 9-11 tragedy. 

New member Esther than introduced her parents, Gary and Karin Lancaster, from Stockton.  Esther’s daughter Faith was mentioned that she took part in the Gospel Mission project last weekend.   

John Hertle paid a happy buck for his trip to Whitby Island, Washington (said it felt nice to be cold for a change.) He also reminded us all about the upcoming Installation of officers at his home 315 El Rio Ave.  Drinks, 5:30 Dinner 6:00 on Sept. 26th Wednesday.  It promises to be a fun evening and he would like to see a nice crowd…………….. 

Our program was none other than our own Craig Haupt, who spoke about the Kiwanis Convention he attended in Las Vegas.  He mentioned that he got up-graded to a nicer room, which thrilled his wife, Diane.  He actually attended quite a few of the meetings and brought back some good ideas for our club. 

Esther Knobel was presented with her new membership badge and pin and then talked a little about herself and her family.  She has ‘homeschooled’ her 4 kids and spoke of the many benefits  that gives them.  Seems there are few of our members that are strong believers in Charter Schools and we ended up having a nice discussion about that.  (after the meeting, Esther pointed out that hew new name badge was misspelled and I assured her that Kiwanis International must have made the mistake (not me) and I will get her a new one……………whew…. 

Carole Thoming, back from her many cruises around the world, brought an auction item and was the last member to sign Esther’s apron.  Those of you who didn’t, please bring a sad $2 to the next meeting.  If we have to hunt you down, it will be a sad $5.00 

Joyce A. passed around a camera with photos of her riding a camel at the Reno Camel raises, and paid a happy $5. 

Bill Gordin paid a happy $45 (now THAT”S Happy), something to do with some Oakland Football ball team, and that a customer had really nice seats for him at the game…………. 

Don Ahrens paid a sad buck as his house is in the middle of serious renovation, and it’s taking FOREVER. 

Jim Barton paid a happy buck as he and his wife work with a Charter School for adults ?? 

All in all, an enjoyable meeting…only wish more of you would take the time to attend.  I know you would enjoy it, and we would enjoy your company.. 

An after thought

July 4th committee gave our club a $2211.00 donation for our service projects.


See you next week…Terry