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May 17 2022

NEXT MEETING DAY TUESDAY  - June 25 2022  12:00 - to the End

MEETING PLACE:  Papapollino’s Mediterranean Bistro 2501 McHenry Ave  Modesto  CA

SPEAKER:   -  New Members Presentations

1.       Prayer:        Jeremiah Williams

          Pledge:       John Field

          Song:          Hal Petersen

2.       Barricade Committee for 4th of July Parade

                    -Chair: Dan Fitzgerald

                    -assistant: Hugh Brereton

                    -members:  Jerry Jackman, SeaScouts, Don Ahrens

                    -If you would like to join us, meet at the “Parade Reviewing Stand” across from the Old Post Office at about 8:00 a.m. on July 4th      

                    -we have a “run through” sooner led by Dan, who will contact us as to time and date. 

3.       Due to labor shortages, etc., there may not be a radio station at the Parade.  Jeremiah says he got the “chairs” for the Reviewing stand as an “in-kind” donation by Party Rentals. Super!  Entries continually coming in  

4.       Graffitti Parade last weekend was a huge success, along with the Show itself. Significant sum to the community raised and allocated by the North Modesto Kiwanis Club.


5.       Our three new members may, if all goes well, be inducted at next Tuesday’s (June 28th) general meeting at noon They are: 1) Michael Houston, 2) Kevin Scott, and 3) Jeff Laugero. Each will be encouraged to give us some information as to their family, job, hometowns, personal interests, etc.. WELCOME to Kiwanis !


6.       Jerry Jackman’s grand-daughter from the Czech Republic is to visit him and Sandy here very soon. He is rightly proud. Should be a great family time.

          -Jerry’s “newish” van needed new brakes, having had 18,000 miles on it since fairly recently purchased by Jerry. He did the work himself, the editor understands, taking about 7.5 hours for the total project.


7.       Michael Houston, a Deputy Stanislaus District Attorney, says the new   courthouse is to open soon. The building is quite a walk from the D.A.’s office, and they carry a number of  cases back and forth from court. Hopefully that will be addressed soon. But there are lots of protective clear plastic partitions to protect the Judges, clerks,  jurors, attorneys, and others. It is being built “tech advanced” which should speed-up proceedings and preparation, filing of documents,           etc. Parking still must apparently be addressed though.


8.       Harold Petersen’s grandson graduated recently from High School  back-East. He is headed to Brown University in the Ivy League.           Congratulations to him and Harold!


9.       Craig Haupt’s son’s wedding in Carson City was, or will be, a happy affair. I’m sure the family’s Villa near-by will be very useful. Best wishes to all, especially; to the couple. I’m sure all have or will enjoyed the location, the family people being together, food, and the ceremony! (somewhat confusing when it is to occur, but Craig is working hard on it so it will to be great.)


10.     Our President, the dentist, is ubiquitous and peripatetic.  He is practicing all over the county, subbing at various offices in the county. His goal as provided by John (furnished by Christine, his wife) is for new furniture, crystal, etc. No telling which office on what day in what city he will show up at next. Makes me tired to think of it all.


Remember: we have three new members to induct into the Club. You also will hear about them and what is important to them. Welcome them!


Hugh Brereton, (this week’s scribe)