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                                                           July 23  2014

NEXT MEETING DAY WEDNESDAY  - July  30 2014  - The Seasons   - 945  McHenry Ave  Modesto

Next Weeks Program:    Gregori Key Club Takeover

Greeters : Paul Hearst & Jerry Jackman

Greeters Next Week Nan Jacobs & Jan Jaeger


 Our song was initially sung by Margaret Trammell, then joined by Jeremiah Williams and Karen Peterson (sounded pretty good too). The pledge was lead by Steve Grenbeaux, and the prayer by Jeremiah Williams.

 Russ and Sandy Harrison are moving very soon to Ashville, North Carolina, and one of our truly community-needs persons will be leaving after doing so much good work, known and unknown. Sandy showed us pictures of their new home which is lovely in a forest with a big porch, a “rocker porch” as she calls it. One can see why they are relocating there. We understand but will miss them both.




          Various members spoke about Russ’ activities as a member of our Club. He was 37 years a member and a past President who is still on our Board of Directors. He drove a large truck to pick-up tables and chairs for the last Wine Country at Gallo while also obtaining the wineries for our event; he and one other member loaded and unloaded that truck. He organized a large number of adult and young persons with various disabilities for a trip of Great America which got us coverage on Channel 13 in Sacramento that evening on the News. He has visited the sick members and others who cannot make the meetings, acting unnoticed to us. He has taken members to doctor appointments and visited Dr. Beck’s widow on an ongoing basis although Dr. Beck died a while ago. He’s done the barricades for the Fourth of July Parade, and been involved with a trip to the San Francisco Zoo and Natural History Museum for elementary school kids with hearing disabilities. They list goes on. 

          Lt. Governor Al Smith presented Sandy and Russ a “Lifetime Achievement Award” plaque, well deserved. Both Harrisons were visibly moved. 

          Terry McGrath has a special bond with the Harrisons as he played a role in their beginning their relationship introducing them: which formed a good and lasting marriage. Terry has many talents. 

          Russ spoke about past members of the Club: Carlos Badger, Doc Gilson, Dr. Bob Beck, and Al Kaufman who introduced him to the Club. Pete Brock called Russ this morning, sounding good according to Russ.   

          All enjoyed a good and very large cake inscribed on top to Russ and Sandy and thanking them for the years of good service (and friendship).  

          A fitting “Goodbye”. May your future be bright and enjoyable. We will surely miss you, but we also are very glad you were in our Club and our friends. They gave us an open invitation to visit them. That would be quite an interclub. 

          We had a very good meeting turnout, which was nice. More tables were set than normal. 

Anthony Butera says that we have plenty volunteers for the beer booth for the SuperKart racers the weekend after next; we even have a waiting list of volunteers. Hopefully, this will be a good fundraiser. 

Buzz Rasmussen came to our meeting with his wife Nancy, specially to see Russ and Sandy before they move. He looked good! 



Roger Vogelzang’s grandson, Avery, came to our meeting from Virginia. He is a high school freshman who lettered in tennis and is an Eagle Scout. Bob Lynch, who also is an Eagle Scout, sat next to Avery. Hope you enjoyed yourself and the Harrisons’ cake.

The Club sang our “traditional” rendition of Happy Birthday for Roger, I’m sure to impress Avery. Roger is 83



Angel (_____) (sorry), a prospective new member also attended. He helped with the Parade. 

Dan Fitzgerald is a grandfather, as is Sandy a grandmother, for the second time. Their daughter had a daughter Monday, five weeks early. All, thankfully, are doing well. 

Margaret Trammell is a great grandmother, her granddaughter becoming a mother recently. Margaret looks good in this new role. 



Connections Academy was the topic of the speakers, an administrator and a fourth grade teacher at the charter school in Ripon for the past three years for Kindergarten through 12th Grade. It is part of the Ripon schools and has no tuition. It is on-line which they feel is more personal for the student. They have grown each year, expecting 750 students in the Fall. They are accredited with awards and 90% parent satisfaction. They try to have “personalized learning” for each student, as they have a varied student body with students in their school for various reasons. Good program


Hugh Brereton

















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